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After The Rain

Created on 5th Apr 2003.
Will be up until 5th Jun 2003.

Olympus mju-II. Fill-flash is used. Full frame
Fuji Superia 400
Minolta Scan Elite II

When I looked through the viewfinder, I got a much more cropped view. This accounts for the empty space on the top and on the right. I tried to fill the camera in the viewfinder as much as I could; this is very close to the minimum focusing distance of 30 cm.

A Closer Look

An image of 900x600 is cropped from the original image of 2016x1344. It is then resized and cropped to 640x427.

This shows the resolution available in a scanned image.

Scanned using VueScan 6.2.x. 64-bit raw scan at 1410 dpi. Rescanned to 24-bit TIFF with film type = Fuji Super HG ISO 100 Gen 2, Adobe color space, auto-levels with black point at 8% and white point at 3%.

Scaled using bilinear interpolation in Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Sharpened (USM 90%, 1.3 radius, threshold 5) before scaling. Converted to JPEG with quality 7.

I chose the output size as 640 pixels rather than my conventional 755 to save space.