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I am very disappointed with my fireworks this year. I wasted a lot of space; the colors are very weak; and the timing is very bad.

This is one of the shots that is slightly unique. I used short burst of multiple exposure to get the short streaks.

I don't know what's wrong. Is it because I use f/11, so the colors are underexposed? Did I not open the shutter long enough, or did I open them for too long? Whatever the case, I am definitely not using f/11 next year!

Due to the distance, even a 50mm lens looked very wide angle, almost like a 28mm. I tilted the 50mm lens vertically, because the short side is already wider than the stadium -- as you can see -- and I expected the fireworks to go very high -- the fireworks were cropped in my previous attempts.

Unfortunately, the fireworks didn't go very high. The top 40% of the space were wasted. Due to this, I had to crop the long side. The short side remains uncropped.

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