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Photo-taking Details

First created 14 Aug 2002.

Photos taken on 9 Aug 2002.



Camera: Minolta Dynax 7. The camera is fitted with the 'M' focusing screen.

Film: Fuji Superia 100 and 400.

Tripod: Manfrotto 55. The center column is not extended.

Head: Manfrotto Junior Gear Head.

Scanner: Minolta Scan Elite II. The scanner crops off 0.1 to 0.5 mm on all sides. Otherwise the images are full-frame.


The settings on raw scan are, The settings on normal scan are,


Thumbnail image is set at 185 x 123 pixels.

Saved as jpeg. Jpeg parameters are; baseline optimised; quality 7.

Normal image is set at 755 x 503 pixels.
Sharpen using unsharp filter; unsharp parameters are; amount 85%, radius 1.5 pixels, threshold 5.

This is the first time I experimented with multi-step sharpening. For images scanned at 1410 dpi, the resolution is 2016 x 1344. It is sharpened, resized by 50% (to 1008 x 672), sharpened, resized to 755 x 503, then sharpened.

For images scanned at 2820 dpi, the resolution is 4032 x 2688. It is sharpened, then resized by 50% to 2016 x 1344. The rest of the steps is the same.

Saved as jpeg. Jpeg parameters are; baseline optimised; quality 9.


The fireworks shots are taken using Fuji Superia 100. They are taken on tripod, obviously.

The images are cropped vertically by 24%. Due to this, I scan them at 2820 dpi to preserve more details. They are resized to 755 pixels vertically.

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