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A Fake Sunset

This was my only natural light night photo. If I had known, I would have taken more. In fact, the next morning my colleagues told me they were able to see stars on one dark side of the sky. I actually walked around the area at night, but everything was too pitch dark for any meaningful photos.

In the morning, when I awoke at 7:30 am, it was already bright. I should have taken the foggy surrounding, but I went back to sleep instead. :-)

Photo-nut section

This turned out much better than expected. It was pretty dark. The sky had some red color, and the foreground, if you looked hard enough, had some light from the porch lights. Other than that, it was pitch dark.

I thought a long exposure would bring out these two lights, but I did not expect the water to reflect the sky light. A very nice surprise. If I had known, I would have taken more night photos.

30" at f/5.6 is actually only 4" at f/2, so I don't actually have to wait that long. I didn't bring a tripod. I just rest the camera on an even surface and fire away.

In Vuescan, the gamma is set to 1.4 and the brightness is set to 1.
Lens Minolta AF 28 mm f/2
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter speed 30"

With 2-sec MLU.