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Along The Way

We booked a 14-seater van to bring us to Kukup. Originally we had 14 people going. Luckily in the end only 13 adults could make it. The 14-seater van counted in the driver!

Since it was a van, we had to alight at the Checkpoints. This was at the Malaysian Second Link, after we had crossed the Customs. We chose to use this Customs as it is less crowded. That is an understatment -- both Customs were virtually empty! In fact, one Malaysian Custom Offiicer was napping.

Look at Boon Tun. He was actually limping. His scandals broke just as soon as we crossed the border. Luckily Chin Yang had an extra pair of shoes.

Photo-nut section

This photo is overexposed, by 1 1/2 stop at least. I know how to recognise overexposed photos now. After scanning, they are very dark and yellowish.

In Photoshop, the upper limit of Levels is set to 196.
Lens Minolta AF 28 mm f/2
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter speed 1/45